101 Things to Do When Your Bored

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101 Awesome Things to Do When Your Bored

Let’s face it; there comes a time in our lives when we are just sitting around looking for something to do. Anyone that has faced this feeling of boredom will know what I mean.

Never fear, there are literally thousands of things to do when bored and most times they are free and available to all of us.

To save you some time, we have searched the Internet and come up with a 101 list of What to do When Bored

Here are the categories:

1/ Make some extra money…

2/ Increase your activeness…

3/ Stimulate your brain…

4/ Get out of the house when you are bored…

5/ Go shopping when bored…

6/ Rearrange and organize…

7/ Do something kind…

8/ Just have some fun…

9/ Do something pointless…

10/ Make and create something…

Make Some Extra Money

1/ Earn some extra cash by creating a website, its easy

2/ Get into selling something on eBay, it’s free

3/ Have a garage sale, get your neighbors involved

4/ Do some overtime at work

5/ Get an extra part time job

6/ Home grow vegies and sell them

7/ Start a dog or pet minding service

8/ Sell photos online to stock photo sites

9/ Offer a service on fiverr

10/ Write some articles to sell online- Elance.com


Increase your activeness…

1/ Go for a walk with a friend

2/ Throw a ball to you partner, child or sibling

3/ Do some push ups, set a new record each time

4/ Do some sit ups, set a new record each time

5/ Get on your bike and go for a ride

6/ Join a gym, or start some training at home

7/ Learn some martial arts

8/ Do some shadow boxing in front of the mirror

9/ Get some work done around the yard

10/ Learn some tai chi or yoga techniques


Stimulate your brain…

1/ Learn a new Language, “Bonjour Madam”

2/ Do a puzzle- remember the Rubik’s cube?

3/ Learn to play guitar

4/ Learn to play the piano

5/ Learn to sing – You maybe the next Idol!

6/ Learn how to dance, anyone for Disco or Tango

7/ Create your own music

8/ Do a mathematics quiz

9/ Enroll into a favorite course of study

10/ Learn how to do magic tricks


Get out of the house when you are bored…

1/ Go to your local coffee shop

2/ Go to the local park

3/ Wander down to the local library

4/ Browse the shops at your local mall

5/ Visit a friend you haven’t seen in ages

6/ Go to the local pool or beach

7/ Visit the art gallery

8/ Go to an amusement park

9/ Do some horse riding

10/ See a movie


Go shopping when bored…

1/ Buy a novel

2/ Get a new video game

3/ Buy a domain name for a new website

4/ Search for a new phone app

5/ Get some new clothes

6/ Buy an electronic gadget

7/ Get some ingredients and bake a cake

8/ Buy some ingredients and make a recipe

9/ Buy some seeds and start a garden at home

10/ Look for a new pet


Rearrange and organize…

1/ Tidy up your house

2/ Rearrange you wardrobe

3/ Organize you iTunes library

4/ Clean out the shed

5/ Weed and Feed your garden/lawn

6/ Delete unwanted files on computer

7/ Plan your weekly activities

8/ Sort out your life priorities

9/ Make a budget


Do something kind…

1/ Visit or call a long lost friend

2/ Donate some money to a charity

3/ Offer some food to a homeless person

4/ Help out at an animal shelter

5/ Do some work at a community center

6/ Help your mum and dad with something

7/ Sponsor an orphan

8/ Clean up litter

9/ Buy your loved one an unexpected gift

10/ Tell someone you love them


Just have some fun…

1/ Read a book of jokes

2/ Tell you friend some funny stories

3/ Make some funny faces in the mirror

4/ Create a new look hairstyle

5/ Dance to your favorite song

6/ Sing your favorite song aloud

7/ Make a funny video and post on uTube

8/ Have a pillow fight with your friend

9/ Do a three-legged race

10/ Go fishing

11/ Search the web for funny pictures


Do something pointless…

1/ Don’t blink for as long as possible

2/ Go for as long as you can without talking

3/ Challenge you friend to an arm wrestle

4/ Stand on one leg

5/ Enter an eating competition

6/ Make strange animal noises

7/ Pull your weirdest face

8/ Practice some tongue twisters

9/ Talk to yourself at the mall

10/ Invent something useful


Make and create something…

1/ Create your own website or blog

2/ Start scrapbooking

3/ Make some jams or preserves

4/ Create a handmade gift for a friend

5/ Do some origami

6/ Search the Internet for a hobby idea

7/ Create some awesome nail art designs

8/ Create you own photo album

9/ Re-decorate you house

10/ Create some new recipes

11/ Create your own tattoo design

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